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BMC in the conversation festival LAMPA

One of the BMC debates in the conversation festival LAMPA was "Man - superorganism" or stories about microbiomes. In conversation participated four microbiome experts and moderator Sandra Kropa. The discussion was attended by more than 50 listeners and several of them also actively participated in debates asking questions. The most active talk was about an interaction between the gastrointestinal microbiome and brain activity, as well as what to really do to make our every microbiome happy and we feel healthy.

In the discussion "Biobanka - why to participate?" was discussed about the extent to genetic research results can change health and how motivated they are on the behaviour of the people themselves which ultimately improves health status.

Listeners were interested in data security issues to what extent it is provided. It's elaborate discussion about much safer is to engage in research in scientific institutions and the benefit is not only for one person but also for the whole society. But if a person makes a commercially available genetic test data security often depends on the firm's own quality. As well as interpreting data without the intervention of a healthcare professional may be false and there is no benefit to the whole society.

During the discussion two situations were played about the process of engagement in Biobank and the possible future in 2030. Also discussed about the future perspectives in Latvia.



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