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L’Oréal Baltic For Women in Science



The L`ORÉAL Baltic For Women in Science Programme honours seven talented women in the Baltic countries. Three awards are given out in Latvia, two in Lithuania and two in Estonia. 

1 award of € 6,000 (six thousand euros) will be granted in Latvia to a doctor of sciences under 40 years of age and 2 awards of € 6,000 (six thousand euros) each will be granted to two Latvian doctoral candidates under 33 years of age for the successful development of their doctoral thesis.

Applications may only be submitted by the candidates themselves through the online platform at from 27th January 2020 till 6 th of March 2020. Applications must be written in English and must contain the following items in the following order:

  • A duly completed application form;
  • A detailed CV in English;
  • Copies of documents confirming the candidate’s education and any scientific degrees obtained (can be in the candidate’s national language);
  • A description of the candidate’s planned research project for a period of one year (summary of the problem, aim, purpose of the research, research questions and possibilties to solve them in the given time);
  • A recommendation from the candidate’s academic advisor or the scientific institution where the project is being carried out (can be in the candidate’s national language);
  • A list of the candidate’s scientific publications and patents;
  • Copies of not more than two or three of the candidate’s most significant publications or web links to the full text thereof.

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Mājas lapas izstrādi finansēja ERAF aktivitātes projekts Nr. 2010/0196/2DP/ "Latvijas biomedicīnas pētījumu integrācija Eiropas zinātnes telpā".